If its just us

“If its just us, it will be an awful waste of space”



Heard this line in the movie Contact

The universe is so vast, so wide

“It will be an awful waste of space if its just us” 

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The Message is Crisp & Clear

Today ,5th June is World Environment  Day. Let us come together for sustainable development & environment.

At times
on our travels, on just a general outings with family and friends
We come across some great words…
“Keep the Environment Clean
Leave No Foot Prints,Take Memories.”
A Small Step Towards Building a Sustainable World

Next Book- Titled “*****” Post 2

So here I am back again with Post 2 of the series of posts that shall follow for my next mystery &suspense book.


Winter had just ended at Palville and it was the first day of the spring season, second of the two seasons of Palville and it was the day of full moon, the day of sowing.

But there was something more to this day. Something from the past.

What was this something?

Stay tuned…

Next Book- Titled “*****” Post 1

So, after Pondering over the idea of plot, how to begin, how to add thrill and suspense in the best manner, I learnt one thing, keep it simple.

To begin with I have started writing my next book in the thriller and suspense genre and this one is dedicated to my grandparents and parents.


The Village headman was a worried man. He rushed to the forest.

Village headman ordered,“Go in the forest again and bring out the dead dog here…”

There was a murmur going around “It’s Back…”

What is back. Its just a dead dog in the forest. Why fear of a dead dog?

What was so troublesome for the village headman?

Stay Tuned…

Mystery & Suspense in Horror

“Horror -This Creates a Bone Chilling effect and one feels the shivers”

A Random Plot

A Pond with Crystal Clear Water
The Water is So Clear that You can see the bottom and You can See your own refelction

A family shifts to the country side from the side
Family’s only child is an 8 year boy
The boy is very naughty

As soon the family reaches the house, the kid runs towards the pond
He stops, looks back towards his mom and dad and turns back his head goes into the pond
As he is standing and the pond and is looking down into the water
H is able to see his face in water
A face appears
An unknown face
As the 8 year old was bending and about to touch the unknown face

The Boy’s Mom & Dad Call for him
Mom approaches towards the pond
the 8 year old boy comes out of the pond
Holds his mom’s Hand

As they start to move towards the home
The Mom hears some whistling
She looks around but nobody is there

Mystery & Suspense Plot : Phone Call

You are Sleeping…

The Telephone Besides You Rings

You wake Up
Pick Up The Phone
Say Hello

No Answer…

You keep back the phone’s receiver
You are very tired
You Go Back to Sleep Again

The Phone Rings Again
You Hurriedly Pick Up the Phone
Say Hello
A Sound of Hisssss…

You Feel Uneasy after Hearing the Sound
You Get up from your bed
You Go to the Washroom
Open The Tap
Bend Down
Wash your Face

You Stand Up
Look in the Mirror
You Fall Down

You are No More
You are Dead…

The Idea

Dyslexia is a condition in the brain that makes it hard for a person to read , write and spell. For any author all the aforementioned i.e. to read, to write and to spell are extremely important.
We know that Agatha Christie is one of the most famous mystery book writers  date and yet how many of us know that she was dyslexic and yes you heard it right.
“Plots come to at such odd moments, when I am walking along the street, or examining a hat shop…suddenly a splendid idea comes into my head. “
                                                                                                   Agatha Christie, An Autobiography
She was…No she is absolutely right, not just plots but answers to difficult questions comes to us when we are…
Let us say brushing our teeth or on a toilet seat or just walking, basically anythingimg_20161206_204131
Even in Spooky Places…Right…?